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    About the Rivertown Inkery and Apparel

    "I founded Rivertown Inkery & Apparel in 2013 because I wanted to keep the good times as close as the shirt on my back. From my first major league baseball game to a summertime cookout with people I love, I’ve experienced firsthand how clothing not only has the power to take me back to those cherished memories but also infuse them with deeper meaning over time." - Doug Burns, Founder


    There’s a reason why you’ve never parted ways with that frayed and faded tee from that epic concert. Your best memories are meant to keep on living.



    By working with a variety of manufacturers and mills, we create an unforgettable pairing of Cincinnati-inspired, vintage design and high-quality apparel. We’re not here for gimmicks or trends—rather, we’re committed to creating clothing you’ll wear for the long game. Our hope is that when you walk into our storefront or purchase your new favorite sweatshirt online, you’ll feel the care we put into creating high-quality items with timelessness in mind.


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